Jonah of the 21st Century

Jonah, the prophet of the Old Testament. He is famous for sure!

But over all my years I don't recall ever meeting another Jonah. Thankfully the appointed time finally arrived and I was privileged recently to meet my first Jonah "in the flesh" here in the 21st Century!

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The afternoon was spitting rain when I arrived with my wife at Jonah's house to sit down to a beautiful dinner, wine and fellowship with his family.
During the evening the sun came out more and we got the chance to take a few portraits. But what was more fun was that everyone was so comfortable around the camera that I was able to take some shots that I believe communicate the beautiful home that has been established.

Here Jonah is helping mom cook the dinner.

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Here is the good conversation around the dinner table…

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Along with Jonah, I got to meet a very fun character named Sherlock!

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Jonah was having fun too at the dinner table…

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Until the effects of a full stomach took their toll… hint hint… these feet were very much "at rest"…

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A little play time after the dinner nap - a precursor to bed…!

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And can you believe he was happy to get in his crib?

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Visiting and getting to know Jonah and his family was such a blessing for me. I miss the little children of my life - now that they are almost all grown up!

The Lord God has given us all such precious gifts in our children. May we prove faithful in bringing them up in the Lord. May He be faithful to forgive us when we fall short.