Wedding Notes and Prices


I love being married. I love weddings. And I really do love shooting weddings!
It is difficult finding a wedding photographer that is skilled and affordable at the same time. There are plenty of folks ready to shoot your wedding for $500 and hand you the CD of the thousands of shots they took - none of them of any quality. But can you find someone who is truly someone who wants to be your friend and someone you can trust? Is there someone not out to just take as much money for the least amount of work he can get away with? Can you find someone who is skilled at his trade and that you can rely on to go the extra mile for you?  You only do this once and so there is no learning curve!  But you have to get it right!  
Thanks for considering Pretty Good Portraits!  Although the reality is that I am not the right photographer for every bride and groom…  Please consider the following notes before you go on to consider others:

My heart's desire is this:  
1) That by the end of each wedding I am a true friend to my clients.  
2) To truly make you wonder, smile, laugh, and remember fondly the beautiful day you married your spouse - until death parts you!

As you consider naming me as your wedding photographer, please feel free to give me a call and I will be happy to answer any question you have.  I would think it a privilege to meet with you and talk things over in person as well.


Portraits: Individual and Family


Making portraits is a never-ending fascination for me, as each person is incredibly unique and a beautiful creation of the Lord God. The true task of portraiture is to capture the inner soul and essence of the subject. It is incredibly satisfying to hear someone say "That picture captures the REAL him/her!"
If you ask me to take you or your family's portrait, my goal is to make it a forever treasure for you - a slice and record of time and personality to be a witness of God's blessing for future generations.

+ $75 for up to a 60 minute sitting 
 + $125 for a shoot away from the studio. 
 + $200 for a Senior Portrait Shoot (usually 2 hours on location.) 
 + You will receive finished digital files on a CD or download - as well as web gallery and online print ordering options.


Event Photography

P5081080 - Version 2

Are you having a family reunion or party?
Is your business or organization having a party or a major event?
Do you have a class reunion?
Please consider my services to make your event memorable (in a good way!)
I am always a great sport with people and am always an asset to your event!

PRICES (negotiable depending on the situations)
+ $200 for any event up to 2hrs
+ After 2hrs $50/hr. 
 + A CD or download of the pictures is provided after post processing.